Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bayan Mutiara: Is this proof? more like poof!

Drum roll please .....

.......Now here's the much awaited "proof" about the much awaited document from the SCAT DAP Pulau Pinang State Gomen to show that the Bayan Mutiara deal is "transparent":

Read in full here.

While many Guan Eng devotees would unquestioningly lap every single word that he says, Lim who is being treated like a sort of demigod by DAP followers as one who can do no wrong and cannot be questioned did not answer the many question posed by many critiques of the land deal which is not only posed by UMNO/BN but other NGOs too, instead he comes out at his critiques with the usual gun blazing(hot air and innuendos lah) waving a valuation paper that is more than 3 years old which was not even mentioned in the Ivory Notice to the Bursa as reference for land valuation. See below:
Read the notice to the Bursa here

Note that Ivory together with obviously the PP DAP State Gomen had used a Henry Butcher Valuation document dated 3 Nov 2011 which valued the said lands at RM1,079,500,000 and  on 11 November 2011, Ivory entered into the PDA for the purchase and development of the Land with the PP DAP State Gomen for a total cash consideration of RM1,072,203,264. The amount agreed between the two parties would be only less than than the Henry Butcher valuation by RM7,296,796.00. 

Unless you are a hard wired DAP devotee, Its not rocket science to work out  that Ivory only agreed to a price of RM1,072,203,264 based on the Henry Butcher valuation dated 3/10/11 and of course the preceding negotiation, and NOT because Guan Eng say that he fixed the price at RM200 per square feet. [Mana boleh suka-suka pick a price from thin air meh, you think Malaysian businessman stupid ka]

I think the proof is not the proof that we are all asking and not the kind of transparency that is expected for someone who tells the whole world that his is a CAT Competency, Accountability and Transparency type of Gomen. The Bayan Mutiara deal is far from over.

CAT should not mean a display of arrogance by ridiculing your critiques nor asking them to buy the Bayan Mutiara land at a higher price which is not only childish but can't be done as a Contract now exist between Ivory and the State Gomen.

CAT should not mean telling Malaysians who resides in other parts of Malaysia not to comment on PP state matters, that is bloody arrogant way of trying to wriggle your way out of answering your critiques.

If a politician, no matter which side of the divide that they are at, reaches a stage where he/she cannot be questioned or criticized and instead turn on their critiques without being able to answer in a civil manner than  he/she  is no more useful to their party,  he/she  becomes a liability, as Power has got into their head, they love themselves more than their party.and its therefore time to go. Malaysia is not short of Malaysian talents unlike the DAP which has not changed their No.1 leader since 1966.

I say if you can't stand the heat don't stay in the kitchen. CAT is officially SCAT.

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