Friday, 1 April 2016

Two term rule for CM,MB,PM is a great idea for a more effective democracy

I have always advocated 2 reforms for Malaysia's election rules to ensure a more effective democracy  and ensure no power abuse by incumbents:

1. Limit the terms of PM, MB, CM and KM to a maximum of two terms.
2. Hold election at preset dates every 5 years.

Hope this idea which is not new but practised even in the two most powerful states on the planet namely the USA and the People's Republic of China and in fact Indonesia and the Filipina has also set fixed terms for their Presidents.

Read the FMT:

PETALING JAYA: Limiting a chief minister’s tenure to two terms is a good idea as it provides more than enough time for leaders to see policies through and groom successors.

In commenting on DAP’s Teh Yee Cheu’s proposal for the Penang chief minister’s tenure to be limited to two terms, former Sabah assemblyman James Ligunjang said it was ideal if the rule was also applied to other state, federal or civil service heads.

He said Sabah’s previous chief minister rotation system, which effectively limited the tenure of its chief ministers, was a good example.

The only weakness was that in Sabah, a chief minister could only serve for a maximum of two years, which James said was too short.

“Generally it is a good idea, old leaders should be moved around and new faces brought in to usher in fresh perspectives,” said Ligunjang who is now an activist with Hormati Perjanjian Malaysia 1963.

“We had too much of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad for 22 years, he became despotic and authoritarian, and impinged on a lot of personal liberties,” he said, adding absolute power corrupted absolutely.

The former Petagas assemblyman and former Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) deputy youth chief said ideally, if a leader was given two tenures, he or she should relinquish the top post after the sixth year and take up a mentor minister role until the end of his or her second term.
For SAPP deputy president Melanie Chia, the two term proposal with one term lasting four to five years was ideal.

She said the world’s biggest powers, the United States of America and China also limited the premiership of their leaders to two terms.

“If people say two terms is not enough, then why can it work in China?”

The former Luyang assemblywoman said limiting a leader’s tenure could reduce the possibilities of power abuse.

She also said the rotation system in Sabah was good, except that the tenure was too short.

Meanwhile, C4 director Cynthia Gabriel said the idea was essential to democracy and one that would prevent the abuse of power.

“As this is a position in which fiduciary duties must be exercised at its highest levels, it’s essential that a term limit is imposed,” she said.

She added that the idea should be extended to all state governments and not just in Penang.

When asked about the second part of Teh’s proposal – that women be considered for the post of Chief Minister, Gabriel said that it was “no secret” that women in the country were underrepresented in such positions of power.

Imagine our PM only have 2 maximum terms to serve the country,
“However, this position should be decided on the merit and integrity of the person and not his or her gender.”

Yesterday, Teh, who is Tanjung Bungah assemblyman, said his proposal, albeit not new, was needed to rejuvenate the leadership in Penang and prevent incidences of cronyism.

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