Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The good news is there is now political will to meet the target of ZERO pot hole for JKR roads

Potholes Volvo
These potholes can cause really bad accidents you know - Image from the Business Insider
A typical Malaysian pothole(s) - Image from TheStar
Well at least there is now political will to get those damned road potholes in Malaysia to be quickly patched up, read from the NST:

KUALA LUMPUR: The Works Ministry has set a ‘zero pothole’ target for all roads under its management beginning this year. 

Efforts to this end had already been initiated, said its minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof. He cited the mobilisation of an audit team to monitor the condition of roads and to direct the concessionaires responsible to carry out immediate maintenance and repair works. 

“We have already started a ‘Rakan JKR’ programme where we engage consumers in monitoring and channeling information with regard to potholes, for the concession company concerned to act upon. 

“If a concession company delays in acting on a report, it can be imposed a penalty or fine for failing to satisfy the conditions and terms of the agreement it had signed,” he told a media conference here today. 

Fadillah said the ministry had also set a key performance indicator to ensure that reports of potholes or simple damages are acted on within 24 hours by the concessionaire concerned. 

As for major or complicated damages, he said the concessionaire must act within 14 days after receiving a report, while for other damages, not more than one year. “We also need public cooperation to give us information through the Twitter, Public Works Department complaints website and Facebook that we have set up,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Fadillah who is also Gagasan Pendidikan Melayu Malaysia (Gagasan) president said the organisation would be holding a Mathematics and Science Olympiad Competition this Thursday till Saturday. 

He said the pilot programme held in conjunction with Gagasan’s sixth annual general meeting on Saturday was aimed at drawing the interest of bumiputera students towards science and mathematics. 

“This competition is organised with the cooperation of the Education Ministry and students from some of the states have already confirmed their participation,” he said. The competition would be held at Wira Hotel and International Youth Centre in Cheras here.--BERNAMA

My thots:

1. Absolutely commendable effort by the YBM Fadillah Yusof.

2. It would be great if this great initiative are extended to the roads under the jurisdiction of our Majlis Bandaraya, Majlis Perbandaran, Majlis Daerah and other Local Authorities at state level...perhaps the Menteri Besar would also join in the initiative.  

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Its an up hill task, definitely it is..but some tasks like patching potholes needs to be mechanised to be more cost effective and fast. Watch:

Search for the pot hole repair trucks from Alibaba probably can get it cheaper.

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