Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Just let the Joint Task Force do their work ok

Kalau nak rakyat henti mengata bukan-bukan pasal 1MDB,
Minta tolong henti jawab bukan-bukan pasal 1MDB

"There were hindrances faced by the A-G as 1MDB was not forthcoming with them. I hope 1MDB can give them the information they are asking for to help them complete their investigation,"
Nur Jazlan PAC Chairman upon receipt of AG Prelim. Report on 1MDB

Soon after the restricted release(not for public consumption) of the preliminary AG report on 1MDB came a rather odd media release by MOF Minister II as reported by TMI here:

The full text of the media release can be read at Rocky's Bru here.

I can understand why the YB Minister wanting to move on away from the 1MDB mess as soon as possible, but I am afraid such media statement will only invite more criticism of the way the Najib Government is handling the 1MDB fiasco. Read here:

As the Joint Task Force presumably led by the Attorney General is investigating the trail of the 1MDB funds, I would venture to say that everybody including Ministers should not say anything to the public which could be seen as preemption.

The rakyat needs closure on the 1MDB mess, I have faith that our Civil Servants in the Joint Task Force will do the right thing for the people and the country.

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