Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Please be informed that 1MDB is never about race.

I think it is  foolish of Jho Low to allege that he is being attacked for the 1MDB issue because he is Chinese, from the very beginning race was never an issue , the issue is 'where did all the money go were not explained clearly and decisively'

Read here:

Umno spin masters behind 1MDB attacks, says Jho Low 

Even UMNO members are pissed with Jho Low:

....and the the DAP as usual joined in too:

meanwhile the PM is going round looking for support from UMNO, so far he has had pledges of support from many Umno people..ya the usual Pemuda, Puteri, Wanita etc.etc. but some in Umno are strangely silent, but anyway:

And in the mean time Tun M is getting a lot of support too, 

I think these support is more ikhlas from the heart not from the pocket, what do you think?

....and perhaps Jho Low should come back to Malaysia and tell us what he knows?

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