Friday, 19 December 2014

Not in defence of PERKASA and ISMA

'When the incitement stops, the hating will too'

The recent hoo hah about the Group of Eminent25 who then became the Eminent24 and then back to Eminent25 now supported by  the usual suspects probably with their own agenda like of course the DAP, The Star paper, SIS, Suaram, you name it...... and chief troublemaker have the list here read his post, they are all there and notice who support the Eminent25? Yup you guessed it not many Malay Muslims or NGOs there.

That being said, I have no bones against the Eminent25 in fact I welcome the development, it is in essence a call to the Prime Minister requesting the appointment of a panel of experts to resolve any conflict between enacted Islamic laws and civil law, and the Federal Constitution in a closed forum and not to do it publicly. 

To which I completely agree, religion should be discussed by experts in closed doors meetings and not discussed by less knowledgeable Muslims and some non muslims who dont know head or tail about Islam in public.

Just hope they remain independent and just hope they do not get carried away by the adulation and support of the usual suspects and turn into another Ambiga's Bersih which is now a certified Pakatan apologist.

I am only anxious that the group had zoomed in on Perkasa and ISMA as extremists and being the cause of the problem. The open letter by the Eminent25 does not back their assertion that Perkasa and Isma are extremists with facts, thus falling into the trap of  DAP and Christian zealots who insist to use the word Allah by non Muslims in the Peninsular which is a source of much angst of the Muslim community in the Peninsular. 

Perkasa and ISMA exist and is thriving simply because Malays and Muslims in Malaysia sees their sensitivities being trampled and they are not extremists, not by a long shot. Talking about and defending the Malay race and Islam is not extremism. This is rubbish talk by the zealots and the bigots of the Dap,Mca,Gerakan and some Malays who claim to be moderates whatever that means.

While our Constitution is a secular constitution, any issues about Islam and the kalimah ALLAH should take cognizance of the fact that 61.3% of Malaysians are Muslims. Failing to do so will only invite a backlash from the majority. 

Malaysia Demographics (source):
Muslim (official) 61.3%, 
Buddhist 19.8%, 
Christian 9.2%, 
Hindu 6.3%, 
Confucianism, Taoism, other traditional Chinese religions 1.3%, 
other 0.4%, 
none 0.8%, 
unspecified 1% (2010 est.)

If some of you is seeing the rise of ISMA and Perkasa likening it to the rise of radical Islam like those Taliban and the psychos of the IS (which Tony Abbott now calls a Death Cult) it showed that you are naive and do not know your Malaysian Malay and Muslim friends. Malays as a people are very tolerant  unlike the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan or the Arabs in the Middle east. But woe betide those who are not sensitive to things dear to the Malay Muslim of Malaysia.

Jangan cari pasal macam DAP Lim Guan Eng buat You see the Malays and the Muslims never cari pasal..problem is the Dap zealots and some Christian bigots yang sibuk cari pasal. 

I sure miss the days when the Dap is small and not supported by the Chinese like now.

When the incitement stops, the hating will too.


tebing tinggi said...

They are being labeled as eminent 25 , but zooming on Perkasa and Isma as extremist, does really shows that 'eminent' labelled are not with them after all.

They should be thought on lesson what brought up Perkasa and Isma .

Anonymous said...

You assumed they started independent in the first place.
Who knows what goes on behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Eddy. Hangman caring pasal.