Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hudud : Pakatan parties must stop 'agreeing to disagree' as it lead Malaysia to nowhere

The headline says it all:

I am not arguing about Hudud whether it should be implemented or not in this country, though I firmly believe that Hudud if it is to be introduced in this country should and must apply to ALL Malaysians Muslims and non-Muslims too after it has been explained to the Malaysian public. Hudud is after all ALLAH's Law and ALLAH's Law is just and universal. PAS's version of Hudud being applicable to Muslims only is nonsense. Surely if other religion fight tooth and nail to use the word ALLAH for God they would not mind submitting to ALLAH's Laws would they?

Anyway, I am not talking about Hudud perse rather the consensus in Pakatan Rakyat that they are taking lightly. The Pakatan of DAP PAS and PKR cannot forever tell Malaysians that they are an alternative Gomen to BN when they always take the esay out to agree to disagree when ever a sensitive subject is brought up which will affect the nation if they do rule one day. An alternative coalition must show that they are decisive and speak with one voice not DAP agree PAS disagree and PKR just agree to keep quiet. It will be disastrous to the country as  socio economic or any plans at all cannot be planned or implemented as the Pakatan Gomen bicker among themselves.

"Hudud is an issue which requires an immediate solution by the component parties of the opposition pact, agreeing to disagree, whatever that means, is no solution."
Karpal Singh (2012), source here

Before tabling the Private Member's Bill in Parlimen to allow for Hudud to be implemented in Kelantan, PAS must reach 100% agreement from its other partner the DAP and PAS. The loose Pakatan coalition should and must stop this drama about agreeing to disagree and postpone decisive decision which will affect the country for another time aka sweeping problems of consensus under the carpet. It is not the way  how Malaysia should be administered. 

If PAS cannot get agreement from the DAP and PKR on the Hudud issue then PAS must go it alone and leave the Pakatan Rakyat. A coalition built only on their hate of UMNO and BN and nothing else is useless to the country's development and progress. 

A house divided cannot stand. 

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