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THE NEW VILLAGE: Don't glorify communist terrorists, remember at least 8,942 people were killed by them!

'The Chinese movie The New Village, earlier planned for release on Aug 22, has again focused attention on the communists. Snippets of the movie may seem innocuous to some, but the symbolism threaded into the storyline has brought anger to many. In many scenes, the police force was seen used by the government, under the British flag, to force villagers to move into the new villages, oppressing them'

"Why is the The New Village movie hurtful? The depiction of an oppressive police force in the trailer does not help. Although the actors are all Chinese, save for one Mat Salleh to represent the British, the fact that the police in the movie are seen wearing berets with Malay Regiment cap badges can be seen as provocative"

"The New Village is being reviewed again after the trailer was condemned by Umno. Not surprisingly, DAP, including secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, has come to its defence. The fact that more than 8,000 lives were lost in the past does not seem to bother him"
Mr. Lie Shan Lee,KL

A letter I read from the NST's Letter to The Editor, which describes very well how and why The New Villages were formed and how the now much maligned MCA  which 'fought for and obtained permission for the new villages to have proper running water, electricity supply, schools, community halls, health clinics and even loans for enterprising individuals" and I think describes  perfectly why The New Village film should be banned.

I also think that any form of glorification or portraying the Communist Terrorists in a good light is not acceptable. Led by Chin Peng  these Communist terrorists of the the MCP (Malayan Comunist Party) committed mass murders in their failed attempt to achieve their aim of a Communist Malaya.

Please read this letter from the NST by Mr. Lie Shan Lee:

‘THE NEW VILLAGE’: Don't glorify communists

THE echoes from the last shot in the war against communism died long ago. It was a war that lasted from June 1948 until November 1990, with 8,942 lives lost and 810 still missing.

This figure does not take into account the lives lost during the 14-day communist witch-hunt against alleged Japanese informers among the civilian population. An unknown number of civilians were arrested, tortured and forced to stand trial in kangaroo courts.

It also does not include casualties from the internal pogrom that took place between 1960 and 1975 in the communist ranks.

Once in a while, government and veteran associations revisit the atrocities perpetrated by the communists. But most urban Malay-sians have moved on, as many of those who suffered in the hands of the guerillas were either rural Malaysians or relatives of servicemen, either killed or maimed.

The Chinese movie The New Village, earlier planned for release on Aug 22, has again focused attention on the communists. Snippets of the movie may seem innocuous to some, but the symbolism threaded into the storyline has brought anger to many. In many scenes, the police force was seen used by the government, under the British flag, to force villagers to move into the new villages, oppressing them.

The year was 1950. The war against communism had faltered badly. The government was on the losing end in most of the encounters. The enemy had the "support" of the masses. These were mostly Chinese settlers who worked as farmers in isolated locations. Many were at the mercy of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP). They had to provide food to the communists or were forced to join them. If they refused, they were threatened.

Then came Sir Harold Briggs. A keen military man, he took a page out from the long British colonial history. During the Second Boer War, the British had interned the largely Boer people into camps around today's South Africa. This cut off critical supply lines to the rebelling Boers commandos.

Thus was born the Briggs Plan. The plan called for the relocation of 10 per cent of the Malayan population -- about 500,000. While most of those affected by the relocation were Chinese, Malays and Indians were also affected. But because 85 per cent of them were Chinese, the exercise was seen by some as collective punishment against the Chinese for supporting the communists.

MCA, then keen to assist the government in the fight against communism, helped in the relocation. To please the unwilling masses, MCA fought for and obtained permission for the new villages to have proper running water, electricity supply, schools, community halls, health clinics and even loans for enterprising individuals. These were a far cry from the lives that they had left behind.

As the primary concern was for the food not falling into the hands of the guerillas via sympathisers, centralised cooking was conducted and each family received rations according to their needs.

Initially, those affected by the move weren't happy. They had to change their way of life. But for those who had been living in fear during the two years the undeclared war went on, the move to the new villages was heaven sent as there were no more threats.

The unhappy were those who had amassed large properties which they were unwilling to leave behind. Some had children who had joined the guerillas and relocating meant losing contact with them. Others were part of the Min Yuen organisation that supplied rations and information to the communists. But once relocated, the amenities provided by the government slowly won over the support of the villagers.

Ironically, the creation of new villages infuriated some Malays back then as they took this to mean that the government had chosen to take care of the Chinese.

The implementation of the new villages in Malaya in 1950, coupled with the strengthening of the Special Branch of the Malayan police force, were the key elements that helped bring an end to the First Emergency in 1960.

The new villages allowed for better administration by the government. As the unwilling became grateful citizens, support for the guerillas plummeted. Access to better healthcare, education and proper representation allowed Malaysians of Chinese descent to prosper in this land.

The success of new villages in the peninsula was replicated in Sarawak. Several new villages were created in the Kuching and Sibu divisions, worst hit by the communist rebellion by the Indonesian-influenced North Kalimantan Communist Party. While all the new villages in Kuching consisted of Chinese, those in Sibu were for the Ibans.

The new village concept was also co-opted by the Americans in Vietnam as the Strategic Hamlet Programme. While it was initially successful, it deteriorated because of inflexibility in implementation and lack of amenities for settlers. A clearer picture on the differences can be found in the book, Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife, by John Nagl, a leading American expert in counter-insurgency warfare.

Why is the The New Village movie hurtful? The depiction of an oppressive police force in the trailer does not help. Although the actors are all Chinese, save for one Mat Salleh to represent the British, the fact that the police in the movie are seen wearing berets with Malay Regiment cap badges can be seen as provocative.

During the first Emergency when the relocation took place, security forces (both police and army) did not retaliate negatively against the populace as they were well aware that their actions had serious repercussions. In fact, the focus back then was to arrest the communists with the hope of rehabilitating them back into society.

Under Q operations, launched by the police, whole units of communists laid down their weapons.

From 1990 until today, the plight of many police and military veterans who served the country so faithfully was a case of out of sight, out of mind. Even when the nation's most decorated soldier, the late Datuk Temenggung PWII (R) Kanang Langkau died, the government's decision to grant him a state funeral was questioned by some.

There were calls for films to highlight the sacrifices of those brave men and women who answered the call of duty. A few years ago, the military produced a series on the accounts of Royal Ranger Regiment, a multiracial unit, in the war against communism, specifically during the Second Insurgency. Sadly, it stopped halfway.

A society that forgets those who served it is one that will never progress beyond the boundaries that it is currently in.

The New Village is being reviewed again after the trailer was condemned by Umno. Not surprisingly, DAP, including secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, has come to its defence. The fact that more than 8,000 lives were lost in the past does not seem to bother him.

The relationship that Khairy Jamaluddin and the rest of the government made with various communist parties worldwide is in line with the government's stance since the 1970s as a neutral nation.

And the diplomatic relationship we have with China today is part of the cause that destroyed the larger portion of political support to the MCP. Besides, China's communists did not kill a single Malaysian, but MCP killed many.

The controversy surrounding The New Village is not racial. Nor is it an attempt to hide history. The fact that the trailer itself was able to infuriate the public must mean something is not right about the movie.

There is a saying that history is written by the winner. But the winner in this history is not Malay or Chinese, but Malaysians.

Malaysians who moved into these new villages, persevered by creating the best out of a bad situation, holding out their hand to fellow Malaysians, regardless of race, colour, creed and religion.

Liew Shan Lee, Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

BN Gomen must stand firm on the PIPP 2013-2025, DO NOT cave in to extremist groups who DID NOT vote for BN

Kerajaan menjadi berdaulat apabila sesuatu keputusan dibuat demi kepentingan negara, ia mesti dilaksanakan, suka atau tidak. Jika tidak suka, carilah tempat yang kita suka, tetapi bukan di sini. Nasihat saya, jangan sampai kerajaan yang berdaulat, kelihatan sudah tidak ada daulat.
Ridhuan Tee mengenai PIPP

The Dong Jia Zong and like minded opposition politicians and NGOs came together in KL on 19 July 2013 to tell the BN Gomen to change the Pelan Induk Pembangunan Pendidikan 2013-2015, apparently they cannot stomach and refuse to accept additional teaching hours for Bahasa Malaysia and English under the education master plan. 

This is the Education Minister and Deputy PM of Malaysia response:

"I was informed that the Dong Zong gathering yesterday issued a resolution to stop what we are doing in PIPP, formed to develop the education sector.

It was designed with good intentions, however, it is seen as racist . . . 13 years (execution of PIPP) is seen as an effort to abolish their mother tongue"
Menteri Pendidikan dan Timb. Perdana Menteri (Source)

Dr. Ridhuan Tee has this to say about these language extremists who refuse get out of their self imposed segregation:

Apakah kerajaan kita berdaulat?
PROF MADYA DR. MOHD. RIDHUAN TEE ABDULLAH Ketua Program Pengajian Kenegaraan, Kepimpinan dan Ketamadunan, Fakulti Pengajian Pengurusan dan Pertahanan, Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia

PADA 19 Julai 2013, Dong Zong dan Jiao Zong (Dong Jiao Zong), dalam sidang akhbarnya di ibu negara, menolak keputusan Kementerian Pendidikan untuk menambah masa pengajaran dan pembelajaran (P&P) Bahasa Melayu (BM) dan Bahasa Inggeris (BI) di SJKC.

Peraturan baru yang melibatkan pelajar Tahun Empat, Lima dan Enam itu, dikatakan tidak sesuai untuk dilaksanakan di SJKC. Persoalan saya, siapakah mereka? Adakah mereka ini kerajaan?

Isu ini telah dibawa berbincang sekian lama, kerajaan telah membuat keputusan, tetapi tidak pernah ada penyelesaian kerana terus menerus ditentang oleh kumpulan ultra kiasu ini. Apa jua usaha kerajaan untuk penambahbaikan dan memartabatkan BM di SJKC dilihat menggugat bahasa Cina (BC). Akhirnya, kita pun mengalah.

Maka tidak hairan, kumpulan pendidik Cina mahukan Kementerian Pendidikan mengkaji semula peraturan baru mengenai waktu P&P BM dan BI di SJKC, yang akan bermula tahun depan.

Saya boleh bersetuju jika SJKC berada di negara China. Malangnya, SJKC berada di Malaysia. Suka atau tidak, SJKC mesti menjunjung Perlembagaan negara. Selaku bapa kepada anak yang berada di SJKC, saya gembira dengan peraturan ini. Laksanakanlah.

Untuk makluman, di bawah peraturan baru ini, waktu pembelajaran BM akan meningkat daripada 80 minit seminggu kepada 270 minit seminggu, manakala bagi BI dari 120 minit kepada 150 minit dan Bahasa Mandarin dikekalkan pada 300 minit. Justeru, apa masalahnya?

Melihat kepada kedudukan BM dalam Perlembagaan, ternyata arahan ini tidak memadai untuk mendaulatkan agenda negara. Sepatutnya ditambah lagi menjadi sekurang-kurangnya 500 minit seminggu. Ini kerana, kerajaan telah bermurah hati membenarkan SJKC beroperasi secina-cinanya. Takkan agenda nasional tidak boleh mengakar?

Kumpulan ini bertegas, P&P BM selama 210 minit dan BI 210 minit sudah mencukupi. Mereka mahu segera bermesyuarat dengan Kementerian Pendidikan bagi menyelesaikan perkara ini. Persoalan saya, jika kerajaan bersetuju, apakah mereka boleh memberi menjamin, selepas ini sebahagian besar produk SJKC akan dapat menulis dan berkomunikasi dengan baik dalam BM dan lulus cemerlang? Jika tidak sekolah ini akan diserapkan ke dalam pendidikan kebangsaan? Kerajaan perlu tegas dalam hal ini.

Perkara ini tidak perlu dimesyuaratkan lagi. Laksanakan terus, jika masih berdegil, tutup sahaja sekolah tersebut atau serapkan dalam sekolah kebangsaan. Lagipun boleh dikatakan tidak ada seorang daripada kalangan mereka yang mengundi BN, walaupun kerajaan memberikan segala bentuk bantuan kepada SJKC termasuk juga Sekolah Persendirian Cina (SPC) yang tidak ada kaitan langsung.

Apakah mereka sengaja tidak sedar kesan daripada SJKC telah mengurangkan P&P dalam BM. Akibatnya, ramai anak Cina tidak boleh menulis, bertutur dan berkomunikasi dalam BM kerana agenda negara dikesampingkan. Mana ada negara di dunia yang mempraktikkan amalan sebegini. Kita semakin melahirkan ramai ultra kiasu, seperti Alvivi dan kumpulan yang menterbalikkan Jalur Gemilang.

Saya amat yakin, walaupun mereka tidak menjelaskan, bahawa bantahan mereka terhadap peraturan kerana ia akan menjejaskan PP bahasa Cina (BC). BM akan mengambil lebih masa, pelajar SJKC akan disusahkan untuk menghafal dan memahami BM, ini akan menjejaskan penguasaan mereka dalam BC.

Apa salahnya jika pelat (kurang pandai) sedikit dalam BC. Tetapi kita baik dalam BM selaku bahasa negara. Kenapa mahu jadi Cina secina-cinanya. Cina di negara China pun tidak secina Cina di Malaysia.

Pendek kata, apa jua penambahan subjek di SJKC yang boleh menggugat atau mengambil sedikit masa subjek BC tidak akan dipersetujui apa jua cara sekalipun.

Keputusan kerajaan ini selaras dengan dasar kerajaan untuk memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu dan memperkukuhkan Bahasa Inggeris (MBMMBI). Nasihat saya kepada Kementerian Pendidikan, jika kita terlalu bertegas kepada Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK), kenapa tidak SJKC.

Apa jua agenda kebangsaan terutama melibat BM mesti dilaksanakan tanpa perlu berbincang lagi. Jika kumpulan pendidik NGO ini tidak bersetuju, itu hak mereka. Usah dipedulikan. Hak bernegara mesti dilaksanakan. Agenda negara mesti diutamakan berbanding agenda bangsa atau kumpulan tertentu.

Kenapa SK boleh patuh dan laksanakan apa jua polisi kerajaan tetapi tidak SJKC? Melayu tetap patuh, tetap taat. Di manakah daulat sesebuah kerajaan itu jika semua keputusannya boleh ditolak mentah-mentah?

Kerajaan menjadi berdaulat apabila sesuatu keputusan dibuat demi kepentingan negara, ia mesti dilaksanakan, suka atau tidak. Jika tidak suka, carilah tempat yang kita suka, tetapi bukan di sini. Nasihat saya, jangan sampai kerajaan yang berdaulat, kelihatan sudah tidak ada daulat.

Justeru, beberapa saranan berikut hendaklah diambil kira demi masa depan negara tercinta.
Pertama, laksanakan keputusan yang telah dibuat tanpa menoleh lagi. Keputusan baharu ini dikira amat bertoleransi.

Kedua, Tambah guru BM di SJKC, tanpa perlu patuh kepada syarat NGO ini supaya guru BM mesti mendapat kredit dalam SPM dalam BC.

Ketiga, laksanakan peraturan agar BM dipertuturkan setiap hari. Paling kurang, separuh hari daripada masa persekolahan.

Keempat, segala pengumuman waktu persekolahan dalam BC mesti diterjemahkan dalam BM. Paling baik, BM didahulukan, diikuti terjemahan dalam BC. Itu baru nama bahasa negara didaulatkan.

Kelima, aktiviti-aktiviti BM mesti diperbanyakkan. Misalnya, pertandingan bercerita, berdebat dan menulis karangan dalam BM. Aktiviti ini mesti dilakukan sekerap mungkin. Sediakan hadiah-hadiah yang lumayan. Saya yakin PIBG mereka mempunyai banyak wang untuk menyediakan hadiah ini.

Keenam, Mereka yang gagal BM mesti mengulang sehingga mereka lulus dalam subjek ini. Mereka tidak boleh naik darjah, jika gagal dalam BM. Mereka hanya boleh naik darjah jika lulus BM. Untuk berlaku adil, polisi ini hendaklah juga dilaksanakan di SK. Saya yakin, jika dilaksanakan, keputusan dan perubahan akan berlaku.

Ketujuh, sediakan buku kerja kepada anak-anak ini supaya menambah perbendaharaan kata (vocabulary) mereka setiap hari. Setiap hari perkataan BM mereka mesti bertambah.

Kelapan, ketika waktu cuti sekolah, pelajar-pelajar ini mesti diberikan assignment seperti pergi melawat kampung-kampung Melayu. Pelajar Melayu di SK juga boleh pergi ke kampung-kampung Cina.

Kesembilan, ujian lisan hendaklah diadakan sebelum boleh dibenarkan untuk pergi ke kelas menengah. Perkara ini amat penting bagi memastikan mereka boleh berkomunikasi dengan pelajar Melayu. Masalah yang timbul hari ini ialah apabila mereka tidak dapat berkomunikasi, berlaku inferioriti kompleks. Mereka mahu untuk bertutur dan seterusnya bergaul.

Kesepuluh, signage atau nama-nama, termasuk nama sekolah hendaklah meletakkan BM terlebih dahulu, diikuti dengan bahasa ibunda, dan BI jika perlu. Seperti amalan hari ini, BM hanya berada di tempat ketiga selepas BC dan BI, selepas itu baharulah BM.

Kesebelas, ibu bapa pelajar SJKC mesti membantu anak-anak mereka berkomunikasi dalam BM. Biasa-biasalah menonton dan mendengar saluran TV dan radio dalam BM, terutama siaran berita. Sosialisasi ini amat penting supaya pelajar tersebut tidak terasa asing dalam persekitaran Melayu. Jika saban hari membuka dan mendengar saluran Cina dan Tamil 24 jam, bagaimana sosialisasi ini boleh membantu.

Saya amat yakin, jika kita melaksanakan sebahagian daripada cadangan ini pun sudah cukup untuk membantu anak-anak kita untuk pandai dalam BM.

Jika kita terus bermain tarik tali, sampai bila-bila pun negara ini akan terus bermasalah, sedangkan orang lain telah jauh meninggalkan kita. Kita pula tidak habis-habis membuang masa dan tenaga serta harta benda, memikirkan untuk menyelesaikan perkara yang sepatutnya telah selesai sekian lama, tanpa perlu dibicarakan lagi. Berdaulatkah kerajaan kita sebenarnya?

I say the BN Gomen under Najib must not cave in to pressure from these extremist groups who did not even vote for the BN in the last GE13. Stand firm..jadilah kerajaan yang berdaulat! 

Blogger Din Turtle is more straight forward and to the point as it should be with a clear statement to the PM: 

Cina Rasis Bantah PIPP - Najib Kalau Nak Tunduk Dan Hilang Maruah, Jangan Heret Nama Bangsa Melayu Sama !

The New Village: Ketua Pemuda UMNO bagi Setiausaha Agung DAP sebijik, padan muka!

The opportunistic DAPChinese champion Lim Guan Eng went into a racist spinning spree (Chinese Language Film approval cannot be questioned?) after the movie The New Village was suspended by the BN Gomen from being screened in the cinemas:

Guan Eng slams Utusan, Umno hypocrisy: Why not go after KJ for forming Communist Youth secretariat?
"Utusan Malaysia and Umno Youth continues to play with the fire of racism and lies to further divide the nation with walls of hatred and fear, by questioning the approval of a Chinese language film ‘The New Village’ that they alleged glorifies communism. Both criticised the film as twisting historical facts and inciting the people by glorifying the Malayan Communist Party as heroes whilst the British colonialists, the army and police are enemies and 'bad people' that needed to be destroyed.
I do not wish to comment on the film as I have not seen it. However the question for Utusan Malaysia and UMNO Youth is that if both are sincere in opposing communism, why then did they not oppose Malaysia establishing close diplomatic relations with communist countries like China, Cuba and Vietnam. At no time did both criticise former Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Rahim Nor for signing a peace agreement on behalf of Malaysia with the Communist Party of Malaya on 2 December 1989."
Lim Guan Eng (source)

This time Ketua Pemuda UMNO's response was prompt and sweet and might I say certainly put racist Guan Eng in his place:

Khairy Jamaluddin

Statement by the Leader of UMNO Youth in response to Lim Guan Eng
As press statements go, Lim Guan Eng’s speedy response to my comments regarding the film “The New Village” speaks volumes to his inherently political and partisan character. For context, I questioned why “The New Village” appears to be given an easier ride by the Film Censorship Board compared to “Tanda Putera” whose screening had been delayed by a year until the new release date of Aug 29. Considering the pain and tragedy attached to the points of history at which both films are situated, it was a question I raised to ensure that the sensitivities of all Malaysians were taken into account, what with the screening of the two films meant to happen in the month of our Independence.

Instead of engaging in the question of what was appropriate and accurate to be screened as history, Lim Guan Eng’s statement belies a deep partisan bias on matters that concern national history, identity and sentiment. This bias comes at great cost to the force of his arguments – he employs a most rudimentary logic to arrive at an indefensible conclusion that Utusan and UMNO Youth are hypocrites. I wish to expose this bias.

Lim Guan Eng’s charge of hypocrisy centers on this most curious of arguments: that if Barisan Nasional makes ties with governments or other political parties with a communist past, then it has no right to complain about films that may glorify our own communist history. He quotes our ties with the likes of China and Cuba as examples – and for effect, he brings up the relationship that BN Youth made with the Communist Youth League of China (CYL).

It doesn’t take very much to know that the situations are incomparable. Our relationships with China, Cuba and Vietnam are diplomatic ties with internationally recognized sovereign governments – relationships borne out of trade, economic and geo-political necessitThat they happen to be ‘communist’ – in the case of China clearly more in name than in nature – does not carry the same significance as the communism Malaysians remember; a communism which this film appears to be glorifying.

But let’s indulge Lim Guan Eng in his lazy analogies for a moment longer. The Communist Party of China has undergone a profound evolution in its character as the world moved away from Cold War sensibilities to 21st century globalisation – in the most important ways, it is unrecognizable from its Marxist-Leninist past to the present day incarnation responsible for turning China into a global superpower. In stark contrast, the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) never went through anything of the sort as far as the Malaysian collective consciousness is concerned. It was not the party of government, it was not responsible for steering this country’s economic progress. Instead, it remains synonymous with a very dark period in our history, conjuring up painful memories for all Malaysians affected by their reign of terror.

But of course these basic comprehensions are lost on Lim Guan Eng. He would sooner suggest we break off ties with China than acknowledge that perhaps more thought should be given to whether there are serious issues surrounding this "The New Village" film.

In fact, isn’t it telling how reactive and sensitive Lim Guan Eng was to my remarks, when what I called for was a review by the censorship board? Even without having seen the film, it wasn’t too difficult to ascertain from the trailer that Communist insurgents were the protagonists painted as national heroes.

Now, unlike Lim Guan Eng, I am receptive to the nuances of history – I understand there can be different readings of historical accounts depending on which period one looks at, and I understand that people and organisations sometimes take up roles with inadvertent outcomes for others.

But one fact is indisputable – that the CPM terrorized and murdered thousands of Malaysians who did not bow to their wishes – many of whom died in gruesome circumstances, disemboweled and dismembered. It is from this sombre point of origin that my discomfort comes.

Lim Guan Eng accused me of stoking "the fire of racism and lies to further divide the nation with walls of hatred and fear" when I never once mentioned race in my initial remarks. And I didn’t for a good reason – because the pain inflicted by the CPM was not felt by one race, but by all Malaysians. And it is a Malaysian – not a Malay or UMNO or Utusan – outrage that occurs when there is any attempt at either historical revisionism or an unfair portrayal of history regarding the CPM

Instead of indulging in political platitudes – accusing his opponents as divisive, deceptive or hypocritical at every turn – I urge Lim Guan Eng to suspend his partisan judgment when it comes to matters that concern our identity and history as a people. That’s what statesmen do. He should try it sometime.

Guan Eng is getting careless with his words, power has reached his head, he thinks that as CM of Pulau Pinang his words cannot be challenged, too bad for him other people have other ideas about what he says. Well Guan Eng, two bit politicians like you who depend on your father to helm a political party, well they come and go. 

Trouble is piling up for the DAP and the Lims too, going by reports on the CEC Elections Fiasco, read:

Certainly the Lims cannot blame UMNO for the predicament that DAP is now in.
Interesting read on The New Village  controversy:
Somebody Really Dropped The Ball

Monday, 29 July 2013

As the PAU UMNO 2013 approaches, a clarion call from Dr. M?

“Kerosakan UMNO bermula dari waktu Pak Lah menjadi pemimpin UMNO, dan kemudian DS Najib gagal memperbetulkan nya malah keadaan bertambah buruk”

“Akibat perpecahan perpecahan Melayu orang cina menjadi penentu kuasa malah kemungkinan kita akan dapat Perdana Menteri Melayu yang ikut telunjuk cina, ini sudah pun berlaku sekarang”

A critique of UMNO and the current UMNO President and PM of Malaysia, picked from Din Turtle's blog sourced from The Chulan blog:

Ungkapan kata ini diluahkan oleh Mantan Perdana Menteri dan Mantan Presiden UMNO dalam satu sesi dialog bersama NGO KelabCheDet semalam (26/7/2013) di pejabat nya.

“Mereka akan sokong tanpa bersoal jawap lagi apa sahaja yang dilakukan oleh pemimpin UMNO walaupun yang dilakukan itu merosak kan parti” tambah nya.

“Ahli UMNO sudah tidak berkualiti lagi,apa tidak nya jika ramai orang yang berpendidikan tinggi dan berpelajaran dihalang masuk kedalam UMNO” kata nya.

“Jika ketua bahagian itu guru besar misal nya dia akan cuba halang orang yang kedudukan taraf dan pangkat yang lebih tinggi dari masuk menjadi ahli kedalam bahagian nya, jika orang itu guru biasa baru lah di luluskan, begitu seterus nya cik gu pula enggan orang yang lebih berpendidikan dari nya untuk masuk , lama lama yang ada orang yang tiada kualiti dan pendidikan, nak cari calon jadi menteri pun tak ada kerana yang sedia ada semua nya tidak berkelayakan”

“Orang orang yang dihalang masuk ini akan kemudian nya masuk kedalam parti lawan dan bersaing dengan pemimpin UMNO ini, itu sebab nya retired general, pensyarah semua masuk kedalam parti lawan” ujar nya.

“Dulu waktu saya jadi Presiden MT UMNO berdebat sampai pukul 4 pagi , isu Musa Hitam didebatkan malah mereka berhujah sehingga saya akur dan keputusan yang berpihak kepada Musa Hitam dengan kehendak Majlis mahu menghantar wakil memujuk Musa” 

“Kerosakan UMNO bermula dari waktu Pak Lah menjadi pemimpin UMNO, dan kemudian DS Najib gagal memperbetulkan nya malah keadaan bertambah buruk”.

“Akibat perpecahan perpecahan Melayu orang cina menjadi penentu kuasa malah kemungkinan kita akan dapat Perdana Menteri Melayu yang ikut telunjuk cina, ini sudah pun berlaku sekarang”.

“Lihat sahaja isu EC yang di serah kepada Parlimen, ini semua tanda tunduk kepada desakan kerana kedudukan kita tidak begitu kuat begitu juga lah dengan ISA dan isu keselamatan, ini semua sebab pemimpin nak jaga hati lawan”

“DS Najib nak jadi “BRAND” dan juga cogan “1Malaysia” kerana di fikirkan nama UMNO sudah tidak bagus lagi”

1Malaysia tidak dijelaskan dengan betul, ia bermaksud lain pada pihak lain pada orang cina ia bermaksud semua sudah sama melayu dan cina, pada orang melayu ia bermaksud tiada lagi sekolah cina dan sebagai nya”

“Keadaan bertambah buruk dengan memiliki penasihat yang tidak faham politik dan sensitivity, tapi malang nya mereka lah yang didengar oleh pemimpin”

“Pemuda UMNO sekarang tidak semacam dulu” ujar Tun, ini amat ketara kerana Pemuda UMNO ada agenda dan kepentingan sendiri dan bukan pemankin kepada penentu kuasa orang melayu. 

“Nak kira 700 undi pun makan masa 8 jam” kata nya lagi.

“Kita kini dalam keadaan yang cukup bahaya” jelas Tun Mahathir.

“Saya di datangi oleh pelbagai pihak dan pertubuhan melayu yang mengadu mereka tidak selesa dengan pentadbiran DS Najib , malah ada diantara nya mencadang kan DS Najib di langgar”.

Tun Mahathir juga berkata banyak pihak yang berjumpa dengan nya merasa kan melayu tersisih kerana DS Najib terlalu tumpu mahu menarik perhatian pihak yang tidak menyokong nya terutama nya orang cina. Malah mereka ini sangat di layan dengan istemewa berbanding dengan orang Melayu yang menyokong nya.

Walaupun DS Najib naik atas tiket Melayu tapi amat malang dia masih menumpu kepada bukan melayu untuk di layan.

Tentu sekali pemimpin UMNO bukan jenis yang berkata benar kepada DS Najib akan keadaan dibawah kerana mereka seperti di kata bukan lagi ahli yang berkualiti selain hanya mahu mengampu dan memberi kabaran baik sahaja.

Tun Mahathir juga turut menyatakan bahawa apa yang kita ada harus berkongsi bersama mereka , tapi apa yang puak itu ada tidak pernah dikongsi bersama orang melayu.

Kini GLC dan beberapa perkara lain harus ada peruntukan untuk orang bukan melayu, sedang itu sahaja yang melayu ada.

“Ada kah sebarang kontrak orang cina akan serah kepada Melayu?” ujar Tun Mahathir. “orang melayu yang dapat tender dan kontrek akhir nya akan sub kepada bukan melayu juga tapi malang nya apa yang dapat kepada orang cina tidak pernah dapat kepada orang melayu.

Tun juga memberi contoh antara institiusi milik bukan orang melayu dan apa yang dibuka oleh orang melayu untuk bukan melayu sebagai contoh.

“Orang Melayu undi Najib bukan kerana suka kepada nya, tapi kerana takut kepada Anwar dan Lim Kit Siang dan apa yang akan dibawa oleh kedua nya, lalu ketakutan mereka diterjemah kepada undi kepada UMNO dan DS Najib” kata Tun lagi.

“BR1M akan menjadi masalah jika satu ketika nanti rakyat sudah terbiasa dengan pemberian sebegini, dan keadaan akan jadi buruk apa bila tidak lagi dapat memberi nya” kata Tun lagi.

“Saya Ultra Malay tapi orang cina tahu dan kenal cara saya dan mereka undi saya, ada cara nya untuk memikat hati mereka, pendekatan DS Najib tidak betul dengan sentiasa menghulur kan wang, mereka akan ambil tetapi belum tentu mengundi” kata Tun.

“Himpunan besar besaran tidak menentukan sokongan orang cina ujar nya.

Akhir sekali Tun berkata “Saya akan terus bersuara untuk bumiputera dan melayu, jika mereka kata saya rasis Ya saya akan kata saya rasis”.

Dalam sesi dailog ini nama nama tertentu dengan kedudukan tertentu juga disebut oleh Tun, tetapi kerana bertaraf “sulit” dan terlalu sensitive maka tidak perlu di perjelas kan di sini.

KelabCheDet juga telah ditaklimat oleh Tun tentang hal hal keselamatan negara dan kedudukan politik individu UMNO serta pendapat nya berkenaan tokoh tokoh tertentu.

Pertemuan di akhiri dengan pesanan dan arahan tertentu yang mana pasti nya NGO seperti KCD akan berusha keras untuk merealisasikan nya demi kepentingan Alif Ba Ta.

Got news for you UMNO people and leaders, shape up or get shipped out. Like I have been saying again and again..the charitable Malays rescued UMNO from defeat in GE13, but in the next 4 years the charitable Malays will be scrutinising UMNO and its leaders to see whether they deserved to be rescued again in GE14. 

Orang Cina sudah pun menolak bulat-bulat perkongsian kuasa ala BN pada PRU13 lepas. I think the MCA, whose members voted almost enbloc for the DAP in GE13 will be totally decimated in GE14 when their candidates will be defeated in the safe Malay constituents given by partner UMNO...and yes after GE13 we are more polarised then we ever have been, and UMNO leaders better know where their support are coming from. Ingatlah sebelum nasi menjadi bubur.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

The truth always prevails: Architect of the #Scorpene deal torpedoes SUARAM

After reading this I am sure many will want the lying and slanderous SUARAM gang to shut their foul mouth about the Scorpene deal:

A post by the AIDC  guys based on the NST revelation on 27 July 2013

“Arkitek” Scorpene Mula Berbicara
Mynewshub – Dalam satu temubual bersama Haris Hussain, arkitek pembelian Kapal Selam Scorpene, Jasbir Singh Chahl buat pertama kalinya membuka mulut berkenaan perjanjian yang kononnya penuh kontroversi itu. Di sini, Jasbir Singh Chahl, menyanggah tuduhan Suaram sekaligus memadamkan kaitan antara mendiang Altantuya dan isu pembelian kapal selam Scorpene.
Temuramah Muka Hadapan Akhbar New Straits Times (NST) – Terbit 27 Julai (Sabtu)
Menyanggah Cerita Dongeng.
Pada tahun 1984, seorang ejen insuran dari Baltimore, Maryland, telah menerbitkan sebuah buku novel fiksyen berkenaan seorang komander kapal selam Russia yang ingin belot kepada negaranya dan memihak kepada Amerika Syarikat. Cerita tersebut memaparkan bahawa kapal selam Russia itu merupakan kapal nuklear tercanggih pada zamannya.
“The Hunt For Red October” judul cerita fiksyen tersebut adalah “kononnya” diinspirasikan oleh kejadian sebenar yang berlaku pada tahun 1975 di atas kapal pemusnah Russia Storozhevoy dan menjadi novel pertama Tom Clancy di peringkat antarabangsa. Presiden Ronald Reagan pada ketika itu menggelarkannya sebagai sebuah cerita dongeng yang hebat.
Di Malaysia pula, kisah kapal selam juga merupakan dongengan yang sering diputarkan oleh beberapa pihak.
Pada tahun 2010, Suara Hak Asasi Manusia (Suaram) telah menfailkan tuduhan di mahkamah Perancis, menyatakan bahawa firma perniagaan Perancis yang bernama DCNS telah membayar RM452 juta sebagai rasuah kepada pegawai kerajaan Malaysia untuk mendapatkan satu kontrak. Tuduhan ini telah menjadi salah satu rentetan tuduhan melampau berkenaan isu Scorpene sehingga melibatkan beberapa pihak yang pada logiknya tidak ada kena mengena dengan hal tersebut.
Bertahun sudah berlalu dan satu jaringan teori konspirasi telah dianyam dan akhirnya kaitan berkenaan perjanjian jual beli kapal selam itu dan Altantuya telah dikaitkan hanya melalui teori. Oleh itu, jangan terkejut sekiranya cerita teori konspirasi ini sealiran dengan mana-mana filem Hollywood. Ini kerana dek penangan pemikir-pemikir tertentu berkenaan teori Altantuya dan Scorpene, maka timbullah cerita berkenaan korupsi, penipuan, seks dan pembunuhan.
April lalu, satu laporan daripada media arus perdana Sepanyol dan Perancis telah mempersoalkan tindakan taksub dan gila Suaram berkenaan kes tersebut, sehingga media mereka menyifatkan sistem mahkamah Perancis telah dipermain-mainkan oleh Suaram dan konco-konco mereka. Jumaat lepas, Suaram telah mengadakan aktiviti mengutip derma, lantas fitnah dan tuduhan baru pula dilemparkan kepada Kerajaan Malaysia.
Selepas beberapa bulan mencuba, akhbar New Straits Times telah berjaya mendapat satu temubual dengan seorang individu yang menjadi penggerak kepada perjanjian Scorpene ini. Bukan mudah untuk mendapat peluang menemubual individu tersebut. Temubual bersama Jasbir Singh Chahl ini diharap dapat membuka mata seluruh rakyat Malaysia untuk mengetahui tentang kebenaran isu Scorpene.
Sebelum perjumpaan itu dilakukan, Chahl telah menolak untuk membuat apa-apa kenyataan berkenaan kes ini, beliau bimbang akan dikenakan tindakan menghina mahkamah.
Sepanjang ini, beliau telah berhubungan dengan pihak penguatkuasa Perancis dan para penyiasat di mana beliau mempunyai bukti untuk setiap kenyataan yang dikeluarkannya.
Semasa berkunjung ke rumah beliau, yang terletak ditengah-tengah Kuala Lumpur, lelaki yang dibesarkan dengan pendidikan Inggeris ini terhenti seketika semasa menyusun cawan-cawan teh yang berada di depannya dan berkata “Saya berani bersumpah di bawah buku suci Guru Granth Sahib, yang saya tidak tahu dan tidak kenal perempuan tersebut, dan dia tidak pernah menjadi sebahagian daripada pasukan kami, saya tidak pernah melihat dia dan dia tidak berada di Perancis pada masa itu, iaitu semasa kami sedang berusaha untuk mendapatkan perjanjian terbaik untuk Malaysia. Saya hanya tahu berkenaan beliau apabila surat khabar menyiarkan berita bahawa mayat beliau telah dijumpai”.
Salah satu daripada cerita dongeng yang telah dijaja dan diterima oleh sebahagian rakyat Malaysia ialah cerita kononnya Altantuya adalah seorang penterjemah kepada Abdul Razak Baginda yang juga telah membantu Chahl untuk mendapatkan projek tersebut.
Perbincangan bermula pada tahun 2000 dan persetujuan telah berjaya dicapai pada tahun 2002. Jikalau benar Altantuya adalah penterjemah Razak Baginda, maka beliau sepatutnya hadir dalam semua mesyuarat sejak tahun 2000.
Akan tetapi, di dalam dokumen rasmi kerajaan Perancis yang telah diberikan kepada New Straits Times, Polis Perancis telah menyatakan bahawa Altantuya tidak pernah datang ke Perancis dari tahun 1999 hingga 2006. Sedangkan sebahagian perjumpaan berkenaan Scorpene telah diadakan di Perancis dan sebahagiannya di Malaysia.
Semua dokumen untuk perjanjian adalah dalam Bahasa Inggeris, “Ini bukanlah sesuatu yang saya katakan, tetapi ia adalah yang dikatakan oleh pihak berkuasa Perancis, polis Perancis dan badan siasatan kehakiman Perancis ,”.
Mengikut keterangan yang dibuat oleh Razak Baginda di dalam mahkamah, beliau hanya berjumpa dengan Altantuya pada lewat tahun 2004. Perjanjian Scorpene telah dirumuskan pada tahun 2002.
Satu lagi tuduhan yang dibuat oleh pro-pembangkang adalah disebabkan oleh pemahaman terhadap Gallic dan cara perlaksanaan syarikat Perancis DCNS menjalankan perniagaan mereka di seluruh dunia.
Pihak pro-pembangkang menyatakan kononnya kerana DCNS adalah syarikat Perancis, maka perjanjian yang diadakan mesti dilakukan dalam bahasa Perancis. Sedangkan di dalam bidang perniagaan pertahanan, Bahasa Inggeris digunakan sebagai bahasa perantara.
Tambahan dengan itu, pasukan Perancis diketuai oleh seorang lelaki Inggeris yang bernama Martin Hill yang juga fasih berbahasa Perancis. Sekiranya, pasukan mereka memerlukan penterjemah, mereka tidak perlu.
“Ini semuanya, adalah masalah peribadi antara Razak Baginda dan Altantuya. Apa sahaja isu antara Razak dan Altantuya tiada kaitan dengan perjanjian Scorpene. Adalah malang untuk kita semua, hal yang berlaku antara mereka berdua dikaitkan dengan perjanjian kapal selam tersebut. Razak Baginda merupakan satu-satunya perkara yang mengaitkan kedua-dua isu tersebut. Walaupun pada asasnya hal Altantuya adalah hal peribadi Razak dan bukannya orang lain”.
Siapakah Jasbir Singh Chahl?
Jasbir Singh Chahl telah memulakan kerjaya beliau di dalam bidang pertahanan, industri minyak dan gas pada umur yang begitu muda. Semasa beliau berumur 20an beliau telah bekerja di London bersama sebuah firma Timur Tengah yang pakar dalam bidang pertahanan dan pembangunan. Di sana beliau diberikan tugas untuk memastikan perjanjian yang bernilai jutaan dollar berjaya dimeterai.
Beliau mempunyai hubungan yang baik dengan kontraktor dari Eropah dan di seluruh dunia. Apabila beliau kembali ke Malaysia pada tahun 1981 beliau amat dikenali di arena korporat Malaysia.
Pada tahun 1996 hingga 1998, Chahl bekerja dengan Thomson-CSF International (M) Sdn Bhd, France’s Thomson-CSF (sekarang Thales), Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) untuk Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia, selain itu beliau juga banyak terlibat di dalam projek berkenaan pertahanan Malaysia.
Hubungan beliau dan Thomson-CSF bertaut semula apabila syarikat tersebut memerlukan kepakaran beliau dalam pembangunan strategik dan maklumat yang boleh digunakan untuk kepentingan Kerajaan Malaysia di dalam beberapa projek pertahanan.
Semasa perbincangan inilah, syarikat tersebut telah mengusulkan untuk memberi fokus kepada penjualan kapal selam di Malaysia. Ini merupakan sesuatu yang syarikat tersebut telah usahakan selama sedekad tetapi mereka tidak berjaya menyaksikan apa-apa perkembangan. Syarikat tersebut berpendapat bahawa masa yang sesuai merupakan satu perkara yang penting untuk dipertimbangkan. Kesemua pihak termasuk TLDM telah berbincang untuk menganalisa, menilai dan membangunkan cadangan untuk membekalkan kapal selam kepada Malaysia, yang menjadi titik tolak kepada pembelian kapal selam Scorpene.
‘Semuanya telah diaudit’
SATU daripada isu utama di dalam perjanjian kapal selam Scorpene adalah berkaitan dengan perkataan “komisyen”.
Khususnya, 115 juta Euro (RM452 juta) yang telah dibayar kepada Perimekar Sdn Bhd, sebuah syarikat yang mengetuai logistik dan latihan pegawai-pegawai dan anggota Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM).
Dan Jasbir Singh Chahl mempunyai masalah besar dengan itu.
“Jumlah itu sebenarnya adalah untuk servis yuran pentadbiran, “ kata Chahl dengan nada geram dan marah.
Para pengkritik telah berjaya untuk menjadikannya hujah yang mudah untuk menunjukkan contoh ketamakan tidak terbatas ; bahawa ia telah berjaya ke tahap yang tertentu, dalam melukiskan gambar yang wang telah dibayar ke tangan pegawai-pegawai kerajaan dan syarikat-syarikat sebagai pemudah cara. Perkara ini membuatkan Chahl merasa jelek.
Untuk makluman, Perimekar, iatu sebuah syarikat yang telah diaudit, dimiliki oleh KS Ombak Laut Sdn Bhd, tabung pencen Tentera Laut, LTAT dan syarikat industri, Boustead di mana kedua-duanya juga telah diaudit.
Yuran tersebut merangkumi pentadbiran projek dan servis-servis integrasi projek, menyelaraskan penglibatan syarikat-syarikat Malaysia dalam program penyertaan industri, termasuk di dalam penyediaan perkhidmatan semasa fasa pembinaan dan memantau prestasi syarikat yang terlibat. Ia juga membantu kontraktor utama mematuhi semua undang-undang dan tatacara yang berhubungan dengan pemberian kontrak tempatan, menyelaras dan memantau latihan anggota TLDM selaras dengan kontrak utama dan
selaras dengan harapan kerajaan Malaysian dan TLDM. Ini juga termasuk menyediakan laporan bulanan bagi semua perkara di atas.
Sebahagian besar daripada yuran tersebut adalah untuk penyediaan penginapan dan semua perkhidmatan yang diperlukan untuk latihan kakitangan TLDM dan keluarga mereka di Brest, Perancis, dan Sepanyol untuk jangkamasa enam tahun, termasuklah premium insurans kesihatan dan elaun harian minima 50 Euro setiap seorang. Kos-kos lain termasuklah kos perjalanan pulang ke Malaysia sebanyak tiga kali setahun. Kesemua 145 anggota TLDM, termasuklah 49 pegawai dan tanggungan mereka dirangkumi oleh yuran ini.
“Kita telah difitnah untuk dilihat sebagai orang yang mengaut keuntungan dan goyang kaki, sedangkan pada hakikatnya, terdapat banyak kerja keras yang telah dilakukan
Untuk makluman, keuntungan Perimekar selepas cukai adalah sebanyak RM105,111,191.
“Tawaran komersial tersebut adalah menarik kerana keunggulan program penyertaan industri yang telah kita hasilkan. Program jualbeli dan “offset” yang kami tawarkan sebagai sebahagian daripada keseluruhan tawaran juga berpihak kepada kita.”
“Berdasarkan kekuatan dan kelebihan komersial cadangan itu, kita tidak perlu untuk melobi sesiapa untuk mempengaruhi proses penilaian komersial. Tidak ada sebab untuk kami berbuat demikian.”
“Scorpene merupakan kapal selam bukan nuklear terbaik yang telah negara kita pilih”.
Read in full here.

Better still, I hope those individuals and organisations that has been slandered by SUARAM for all these years should start legal proceedings to sue SUARAM and its sponsors.

Perhaps time also for the Gomen leadership concerned to retire after seeing how easy SUARAM and its ilks manipulated and spun the facts to make the ruling Gomen look bad for years.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

In defense against bigots who are just waiting for an opportunity to spread hate among us

“The sun would shine directly into the canteen in the mornings and students often sit by the drains around the canteen as it is much cooler there"
“I felt sorry as it was unhygienic to eat by the drains, So, I decided to put in makeshift tables and benches in the shower room which was not fully utilised,”
“I also put up a notice to ban students from using the shower room to relieve themselves and locked the water pipes too"
“Moreover, the shower room had been cleaned and has sinks for students to wash their hands before and after meal,” 
SK Seri Pristana headmaster, Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor 
on why the shower room was used while waiting for the school canteen to be repaired

Much has been said about the 'controversy' at SRK Pristina and I thought Dato' Ahirudin says it best:

The minority bigots (or bigot minority) who threaten our harmony

Bilik persalinan Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Pristana
Picture copied from Rocky's Bru showing the converted shower room being used for student recess and what do you know a berbuka puasa event too

The HM has been placed on leave for a week, the story from the FMT here:

I was ordered to go on leave, says HM

G Lavendran
 | July 25, 2013
The SK Seri Pristana headmaster claims he was ordered to go on leave before the Education Ministry decided on actions to be taken.
PETALING JAYA: The SK Seri Pristana headmaster, Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor had not gone into hiding after all when he surfaced today claiming that he was forced to go on leave while the issue over the school canteen was sorted out.
SK Seri Pristana in Sungai Buloh came under the spot light when photos of students having their meals on makeshift tables in the shower room went viral on the internet.
The issue which sparked anger among netizens and concerned citizens caught the attention of the Education Ministry almost immediately.
According to Utusan Malaysia today, Mohd Nasir said he was ordered to go on leave for a week before the ministry could decide on taking necessary actions.
Mohd Nasir said this when he went to the Saujana Utama police station this morning to lodge a report claiming he had been slandered.
“I lodged a police report because I was disappointed with the behaviour of some parents and other individuals when they slandered me by saying I had behaved like an uncivilised man.
“I even received threatening phone calls, some of them would call just to curse at me,” he said.
Mohd Nasir said the only reason he had ordered the use of the shower room was because there was lack of space in the canteen to accommodate all the students.
“The sun would shine directly into the canteen in the mornings and students often sit by the drains around the canteen as it is much cooler there.
“I felt sorry as it was unhygienic to eat by the drains, So, I decided to put in makeshift tables and benches in the shower room which was not fully utilised,” he added.
“I also put up a notice to ban students from using the shower room to relieve themselves and locked the water pipes too.
“Moreover, the shower room had been cleaned and has sinks for students to wash their hands before and after meal,” he said.
Following the uproar, the Education Ministry has ordered for the school canteen to be renovated so that it could accommodate all the students.
The school had previously stated that the canteen was closed since March as it was undergoing a minor renovation work.
The school and the ministry had also apologised over the use of the shower room as a makeshift canteen. The school canteen was opened for the students’ use today, Read in full here.

I think before the BN Gomen takes any form of action against the School HM, be mindful that our unsung heroes, our hard working Teachers and so are the charitable Malays who put the BN in power in GE13 are watching the Gomen's action and the events as they unfold. 

BN Gomen please do the right thing , differentiate between the bigots who blew up the story that now threatens our harmony and the HM who are trying to make the best out of a in-situ condition in his School. Don't listen to these menangguk di air keruh fellas ... 'Sack The Headmaster' they will only lead BN to defeat in GE14 as the charitable Malays won't be around to rescue UMNO then.

Additional Read: 


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Troika of Laws of ISA, EO and Sedition Act is gone, so will ABU supporters support BN in GE14 then?

So the PM who was disappointed by the DAP inspired Chinese Tsunami in PRU13 and only saved by the charitable Malays who he almost never listens to and who nevertheless once again came to UMNO's rescue in the last election, is going ahead with his plans to repeal the Sedition Act against the advise of  notable Malaysians. 

Sadly it is now complete, the PM who wanted very much to be a reformer has completed the repeal of the troika of Laws (ISA, EO, Sedition Act) that has kept Malaysia relatively peaceful all this while. Clever advisers the PM have isn't it.

I hope that the replacement for the troika of Laws will be as effective in keeping the peace and security of this country. I have my doubts though looking at how unprepared the Gomen was when they released the EO detainees who are mostly hard core criminals as events unfolding right before our eyes had shown. Just hope and pray also that foreign terrorist cells will not be setting up shop in Malaysia anytime soon, its hard for PDRM to detain these wannabee terrorists  if they are only planning to do mayhem in another country wouldn't it, harder still to prove to the Judge in open Court that a threat exist. Sigh.

Read also:

Najib: Decision to replace Sedition Act will not affect Government’s power to deal with threats to national unity

PUTRAJAYA: The decision to repeal the Sedition Act and replace it with the National Harmony Act would not affect the Government's power in dealing with any action that threatens national unity and harmony, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said the new act would maintain three main principles to handle any action that create hatred and insults to institution and constitution.

"The new act would deal with any action that could create hatred or raise disloyalty towards the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or any Rulers.

"It will also deal with any act that aimed at raising ill will and animosity between the races or among the different people this country.

"The act will deal any action that questioned the right, status, privileges, sovereignty or prerogative as stated or protected by Chapter III of the Federal Constitution or Article 151, 153 and 181 Federal Constitution," he told a press conference here on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister said the rude action by the young couple that insulted Muslims showed that freedom of voice and opinion without responsibility could harm the community.

"Although the Government would like to guarantee the freedom of voice, it cannot be abused to the extent that it harm the country's unity," he said.

Now that the The Troika Laws of ISA, EO and Sedition Act is gone, so will Anything But UMNO (ABU) supporters going to support BN in GE14 then?

I am not holding my breath for an answer though, as I know what the answer will be. 

Yup, I am quite sure the often ignored but charitable and peace loving Malays will be the one to UMNO and BN's rescue, again.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Decision to replace Sedition Act will not affect Gomen's power to deal with threats to national unity?

The PM under siege from his own and BN supporters announced a new Act to replace the Sedition Act:

Najib: Decision to replace Sedition Act will not affect Government’s power to deal with threats to national unity

Going by the enforcement of the new Public Assembly Act (Akta Perhimpunan Awam) which was not even respected by the opposition with so many illegal rallies in recent months..... I do not have much confidence nowadays in the assurances given by PM Najib. 

Not after he repealed the very Acts that had served to protect Malaysia's Security and Peace in the past such as the ISA and the Emergency Ordnance Act which was repealed by Najib without taking into consideration of the views of those who mainly voted for Barisan Nasional.

Talking about Najib's decision making here from the surrender of KTM land in Singapore, 1Malaysia, abolishment of PPSMI, repeal of ISA, EO, now the Sedition Act these are some interesting articles food for thought which ought to be read by Malaysians:

Penghinaan terhadap umat Islam salah Najib - Shahbudin Husin

Siapa yang dekati pope nasihatilah wakil beliau - A Kadir Jasin

Decisions makers in Ministry of Education are no-brainers - Lok Kong

Just wondering where PM Najib is leading Malaysia to or is he the right man to lead Malaysia?

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Shopping For Baju Raya?

If you are in Johor Bahru and do not know where to find the latest in ladies and children fashion in Baju Raya, jom visit my Missus shop just in front of 'The Body Shop' @ Plaza Angsana, Johor Bahru.

The Owner ever ready to give advise for that extra 
ooomph look during Hari Raya

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan

Yang singkat itu WAKTU
Yang dekat itu MATI
Yang Besar itu NAFSU
Yang berat itu AMANAH
Yang sulit itu IKHLAS
Yang mudah itu BERBUAT DOSA


Yang terindah itu jika kita SALING MEMAAFKAN



Semuga amal kita diberkati dan diterima ALLAH