Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Troika of Laws of ISA, EO and Sedition Act is gone, so will ABU supporters support BN in GE14 then?

So the PM who was disappointed by the DAP inspired Chinese Tsunami in PRU13 and only saved by the charitable Malays who he almost never listens to and who nevertheless once again came to UMNO's rescue in the last election, is going ahead with his plans to repeal the Sedition Act against the advise of  notable Malaysians. 

Sadly it is now complete, the PM who wanted very much to be a reformer has completed the repeal of the troika of Laws (ISA, EO, Sedition Act) that has kept Malaysia relatively peaceful all this while. Clever advisers the PM have isn't it.

I hope that the replacement for the troika of Laws will be as effective in keeping the peace and security of this country. I have my doubts though looking at how unprepared the Gomen was when they released the EO detainees who are mostly hard core criminals as events unfolding right before our eyes had shown. Just hope and pray also that foreign terrorist cells will not be setting up shop in Malaysia anytime soon, its hard for PDRM to detain these wannabee terrorists  if they are only planning to do mayhem in another country wouldn't it, harder still to prove to the Judge in open Court that a threat exist. Sigh.

Read also:

Najib: Decision to replace Sedition Act will not affect Government’s power to deal with threats to national unity

PUTRAJAYA: The decision to repeal the Sedition Act and replace it with the National Harmony Act would not affect the Government's power in dealing with any action that threatens national unity and harmony, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said the new act would maintain three main principles to handle any action that create hatred and insults to institution and constitution.

"The new act would deal with any action that could create hatred or raise disloyalty towards the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or any Rulers.

"It will also deal with any act that aimed at raising ill will and animosity between the races or among the different people this country.

"The act will deal any action that questioned the right, status, privileges, sovereignty or prerogative as stated or protected by Chapter III of the Federal Constitution or Article 151, 153 and 181 Federal Constitution," he told a press conference here on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister said the rude action by the young couple that insulted Muslims showed that freedom of voice and opinion without responsibility could harm the community.

"Although the Government would like to guarantee the freedom of voice, it cannot be abused to the extent that it harm the country's unity," he said.

Now that the The Troika Laws of ISA, EO and Sedition Act is gone, so will Anything But UMNO (ABU) supporters going to support BN in GE14 then?

I am not holding my breath for an answer though, as I know what the answer will be. 

Yup, I am quite sure the often ignored but charitable and peace loving Malays will be the one to UMNO and BN's rescue, again.

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