Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Racial Polarisation: Its about lack of or non existent early bonding during childhood

I think the reason why we are so racially polarised now has been brought up so many times that I have forgotten how many times it has been brought up..while many still deny it or do not want to talk about it to 'jaga hati kawan', have their own selfish reasons or just plain don't care, I will say it again and again and again.....the vernacular schools are preventing our young to grow, play, and study together, in fact vernacular schools encourage volunteer segregation..... our young will grow up not knowing each other insulated in their own little world only to come out as adults in the real world and cyberspace as racists who thinks their race is supreme and they alone made Malaysia a great place to live in which is absolute rubbish. 

We cannot make up for lost time in the past caused by the vernacular school system but we can change the future by introducing a One School For All System/Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua where Bahasa Melayu is the main language, Maths and Science is thought in English (the superb PPSMI should be restored) and compulsory classes for non-Malay languages be taught for all. 

The BN Cabinet should do well to remember not to appease the extremists Dong Zong any longer, appointing Ministers and Deputy Ministers who cannot speak Mandarin is a step in the right direction so that all official Government communication shall be in Malay or sometimes English, yup these extremists did not vote for BN, they voted for the DAP, they backed the wrong horse, we the majority of Malays/Bumis voted BN into the Federal Gomen therefore our opinion counts.  The perceived policy  to appease the people who did not vote for BN must stop. If UMNO/BN do not understand this simple truth, come GE14, UMNO/BN would have their goose cooked. 

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It’s about the lack of early bonding

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Anonymous said...

Dong Zhong should be banned,it only promotes POLARIZATION,has no intentions of uniting the community and do not respect the national language .They do not question the fluency of the Bahasa among them instead so concerned about somebody's Mandarin. If Mandarin is so important to them. why are they still here, go back to China lah.