Tuesday, 7 May 2013

PRU13: A win is a win is a win and why polarization of races must be nipped in the bud now

The rakyat has spoken, BN won the Federal Gomen with a simple but comfortable majority and took back Kedah and Perak:

It is important to have All citizens eligible to vote, register to become voters and  vote, the Chinese registered and voted in numbers as this table showed (eg Chinese Penang Population 45.6% but Registered as voters 53.8% trend same for all state):
Read more from this Tn Syed blog post here. 

It is very important that other races especially the Malays be diligent as the Chinese in registering and voting in the next PRU14. Voting is such an important part of democracy that I agree that registration of voters should be automatic when one reaches the age of 21 and voting should be compulsory. Everybody must exercise their right to vote.

The anticipated Chinese Tsunami has come and gone in its wake a decimated MCA and Gerakan and a few UMNO warhorse casualty namely Ghani Othman and Ali Rustam. But overall the Chinese Tsunami failed in its objective to make Pakatan the Federal Gomen, in fact, it entrenched UMNO's position as No.1 political party in Malaysia as the tsunami nudged the Malay/Bumis fence sitters to vote UMNO. 

Hope the new BN Gomen will be more receptive of the need of Malaysians who voted them in power:

First! No more talking to those extremists in Dong Zhong who wants a polarised Malaysia, Chinese speaking Chinese from birth to death no need to speak the National Language of Unity Bahasa Malaysia...I believe the Chinese Tsunami was caused in most parts by polarisation of race due to our messed up National Education policy. PM Najib should seriously look into this education matter and bring our nation to a unified education system a Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua system where Bahasa Melayu is the Primary Uniting Language with English as second Language (International) and mandatory Mandarin or Tamil as second Language. This is for the future..children who grow up not speaking same language will grow up polarised, that is a fact recognised by Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Singapore and the rest of the world including China itself. A polarised Malaysia will breed many more Tsunamis..not just Chinese..it could be Indian later it would be Malay...when will it end then?

Semuga ALLAH memberkati negara kita Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

Najib should seriously think about himself. Has he the right credentials to carry and uplift and transform the Malays by regularly patronizing the Chinese and giving in to each and every demands made? Hell man, if the Constitution says that Chinese school are excluded from ANY govt assistance then why the hell did he generously giving grants and monetary help? He has hurt the feelings of most Malays, save for the urbanized and and liberal Malays. Did he not realize the backing he gets from the Malays and yet he dared to so called ignore the Malays. Every single thing he did reflects his "glocal" approach...Najib if you continue to sideline the Malays, please say goodbye before GE14. It makes us easier to run this country as Tanah Melayu. For a start you can get you blue-eyed boy whom you put on board the Petronas board to resign....