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Daim Zainuddin: I want Najib to Win, Anwar not fit to be PM

"If you ask me, between the two, Najib or Anwar, I would choose Najib. I will give Najib the chance. Give him the mandate and see whether he delivers because Anwar has had his chances, but he blew them."
Daim Zainuddin

In 2008 Tun Daim Zainuddin predicted that the DAP,PKR and PAS will make tremendous gains in the PRU12 with them winning 5 states..his predictions came true. The NST today carried an interview with Daim Zainuddin and I must say it is a must read, notable quotes:

"I have always advocated a robust debate. Over the years, I personally do find certain policies objectionable, but I am still a supporter of the government as there are more good policies than bad"
"For the rest of the nation, if you disagree with government policies, yes, go ahead and criticise, but constructively. I would fear more for the country if people gave up and didn't care. I believe that it is only when you care that you want things to be for the better, that you voice out. A passive passionless society will be a disaster for the country."

"I think Lee Kuan Yew does not have much respect for DAP's leadership. The quality is not there."

"The PAP is more intelligent and more calculating, very suave in their approach. The DAP is really a Chinese party. It's not a multiracial party. It's chauvinistic, but claims to be Malaysian Malaysia. You can see in its last party election, members don't want even a single Malay to be in the top leadership. This is very clear. That is their idea of Malaysian Malaysia. Whatever their leadership may claim, their members are their main drivers"
"PKR has always been a one-man show. Its history is a party fighting for Anwar. They are former Umno members. Later, some liberals joined them, taken in by the rallying call of justice and fairness, but it's just pure "sloganeering". It is actually fighting just for one man, not even for justice. Who have they fought for? What cause have they pursued? See the stand on Palestine. It is a question of justice and humanitarian cause. They support Israel"
"PKR is a party born from the streets. So, it will always return to the streets. That is their culture. So, you can see demonstrations in the streets organised, or supported by them. Pas was never like that. The DAP was never like that. Anwar had repeatedly said there would be Arab Spring-like demonstrations should Pakatan lose in the next general election because of what they deem as "cheating". He has set the stage to justify their losses if they lose in the next general election.Pakatan is prepping the people so that they can scapegoat the government and the Election Commission"

"China and Japan had demonstrated their qualities as genuine friends of this country at the height of the Asian Financial Crisis.China decided not to devalue its currency, while Japan handed Malaysia a US$5 billion (RM15.6 billion) soft loan. Its then vice-finance minister Eisuke Sakakibara told me not to tell the Americans of the gesture."

 "It is dangerous if Pakatan under Anwar is to lead the country. I am worried as he does not have the depth in economy, always needed people to tell him --  what to think and what to do.
  So far, there has not been even one significant idea from Anwar as the economic adviser to the Selangor government.
 Worse, Selangor has badly handled its water issue, which had dismayed developers, investors  and the people. Of course, they will blame everything on the Federal Government despite the fact the Langat 2 water  project was planned  before they came to power in the state.   
Why doesn't he become economic adviser to Kelantan and Kedah if Pakatan believes he is good?
Think seriously.  Think of our future."

When asked if Anwar is destined to be PM, Daim's reply: Well, destiny is an act of God.   You can be only one heartbeat away from that post but man proposes, God disposes.   I think God still loves Malaysia (smiles).

I believe he(Anwar Ibrahim) will mess up the country by getting advice from the likes of the  IMF (International Monetary Fund), World Bank and Wolfowitz (Paul Wolfowitz, former World Bank president).

I will support Najib, but he must fight corruption and crime, strengthen the nation's security and review the education system. 

Make English compulsory in all national schools. 

Without English, we are  dead, especially the Malays. 

The Malays must realise, without English they cannot compete. 

We must insist on English as a second language.

Read more in the NST here. Watch for the 2nd part of the interview too.

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