Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I am a BN supporter but this is of interest and I agree wholeheartedly:


Oldstock said...

Susah la bro... you tell me why PM can give that Ezam fella a senatorship. Pro-UMNO bloggers should ask him to answer that.

eddy said...

Alamak Bro, I cannot answer for the PMlah..but I too cannot comprehend it myself, this, ehemm, Senator Ezam spends a good part of his life cursing UMNO on behalf of his one time Leader Brother Anwar, hey he even speaks like the Brother.

All I can say is PM Najib probably knows something we don't know, but for all we know Senator Ezam could just be DSAI's Trojan Horse and I am still waiting for him to reveal the six boxes of Government documents he claims to have he,he.

I just pray that he does not make Timbalan Menteri in the upcoming reshuffle, Dr Mahathir and many others in UMNO will be all over PM Najib...it won't be a pretty sight.