Friday, 28 June 2013

'If we do not equip our authorities with tools to deal with criminals, we will not win the war against crime'

"Law abiding Malaysian citizens have rights to a safe and secure environment also YB MPs, and if it means some suspected criminals are put in detention for 2 years so be it, it will be a small price to pay for the security and safety of the other millions of Malaysians!"

"We have a track record of being a safe nation, but if we do not equip our authorities with tools to deal with criminals, we will not win the war against crime"
Associate Professor Dr P. Sundramoorthy,
 Principal researcher,
 Research team on crime and policing, 
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang

YB MPs should Stop talking about Polis misconduct and start debating something more useful for the Rakyat's well being, and pass Laws similiar to the EO to help the PDRM catch the crooks and the criminals before they can do harm to Malaysians.

The Emergency Ordnance Act was a very useful tool for the PDRM for decades in keeping hard core criminals off our streets. Alas the transformer PM of ours had agreed to repeal the EO in 2012 under pressure from a minority group of human rights activists who do not really give a damn about the difficulty PDRM faced against criminals just to ensure the safety of the majority of Malaysians. That is water under the bridge now, what we citizens ask is that if the EO is repealed there must be a similiar replacement Law that will help the PDRM in its war against these criminals.

I am afraid things will get worse before it gets better if the MPs in Parliament do not talk about the rising crime rate and stop talking about the IPCMC for misconduct of Polis officers which are comparatively few and far between and involved suspected criminals or what not, and start talking seriously on ways to catch criminals before they do harm to law abiding citizens and make MALAYSIANS feel unsafe. 

Law abiding Malaysian citizens have rights to a safe and secure environment also YB MPs, and if it means some suspected criminals are put in detention for 2 years so be it, it will be a small price to pay for the security and safety of the other millions of Malaysians! 

YB MPs should Stop talking about Polis misconduct and start debating and enact Laws to help the PDRM catch the crooks and the criminals.

Sad day for the PDRM : 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Saying the obvious about the repealed Emergency Ordinance, lets bring it back with some adjustments please

Instead of arguing over useless things like points of orders in the Parliament maybe our MPs should start earn their pay by debating on something useful which could help the PDRM to safeguard our security against crooks and criminals unleashed by the repeal of the EO last year.

Something that should have been said when the 'transformer' PM decided to repeal the EO Act under pressure from a small group of human rights activists who probably did not vote for BN anyway in the GE13:

Relook preventive law to rein in criminals

THE Emergency Ordinance (EO), a preventive law that allows the police and Home Affairs Ministry to detain an individual for two years (which can be renewed after two years) without trial and place them in detention centres (similar to prisons) in our country, was repealed in the middle of 2012.
The Prime Minister stated then that the Government was ready to make changes in the law in accordance with the current needs of contemporary society.
This landmark decision by the Government was a victory for the champions of human rights.
However, for the research team on crime and policing from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), we knew that the country was going to see a significant surge in violent crimes, especially those involving gangs and recidivists (repeat offenders), based on our fairly extensive research on this subject.
In 2010, our team recommended that the Restricted Residence (RR) Act be repealed as it was obsolete in our high-tech communication-savvy modern Malaysian society. But we recommended that the EO be sustained with amendments to prevent any abuse.
The EO is a preventive law that was originally developed to deal with subversive elements that threatened national security and specific criminal elements that threatened the safety of society.
Although the EO has been criticised as a draconian, inhumane and undemocratic law, it cannot be denied that it served its purpose in effectively dealing with terrorists, secret societies, criminal gangs, recidivists and organised/syndicated crime members.
Most of the detainees under the EO in the last three decades were those alleged to be involved in violent gang activities, extortion, kidnapping, gaming, and in executing the day-to-day operations for organised/syndicated crime bosses.
Almost 2,000 of these undesirable criminal elements were released after the repeal of the EO last year.
Since then, according to police officials as reported in the media, most of them are back in business.
However, they are now more daring and dangerous and commit crimes openly.
These criminals are also openly displaying their gang identities/symbols during funeral processions, community activities and even at religious events. They fear no one, including the police.
We, the research team on crime and policing from USM, would like to ask all law-abiding and peace-loving citizens of Malaysia to what extent they are willing to give up safety for the sake of liberty and democracy.
We have a track record of being a rather safe nation but if we do not equip our authorities with the right tools to operate effectively in dealing with the various types of criminal elements in society, we will not win the battle, nor the war against crime.
We should consider having a similar preventive law like the EO, but with a stringent check-and-balance system to prevent abuse.
We must, however, bear in mind that there are many crimes where the offenders can be charged under existing criminal laws.
The preventive law is not meant to be a short-cut for investigating criminal cases.
It is meant to keep away violent gang members, recidivists and organised/syndicated crime members, who are champions in beating the criminal justice system. ASSOC PROF DR P. SUNDRAMOORTHY
Principal Researcher
Research Team on Crime & Policing, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Friday, 21 June 2013

Of National Schools (Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua) and Vernacular schools

Of National Schools (Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua) and Vernacular schools.....


"Vernacular schools not promised in the Constitution, but..."

Yes the vernacular schools are not protected by the Pelembagaan that is confirmed only the learning of a citizen's mother tongue is protected. Read more: 

Was Mark Koding found guilty of sedition for advocating closure of Tamil and Chinese Schools? Not!

While I am not in favor of the vernacular system nor the religious schools nor the international schools, as to my thinking they do not provide an atmosphere where our young can mix and learn together rather it segregates us voluntarily to be citizens apart. I do think however that it is important to stress quality of education in the National Schools.

Malaysian story needs to be rewritten, says Dr Mahathir
JUNE 19, 2013

There is a need to rewrite Malaysian history books to include problems faced in the past and steps taken by the government to solve such issues, so as to offer a better understanding of the country's history to the younger generation.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said this move would also help Malaysia to establish a more educated society, and "thus create more vocal leaders."

It will also help unite Malaysians, create a rounded education for the young, he said in his keynote address titled Better Times Ahead for Malaysian Politics, Post General Elecetion-13 at the Perdana Leadership Foundation CEO Forum in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

"We need to do a lot of things. We should also learn from the history of other countries such as why the Arab Spring occurred.

"Then we ask ourselves, do we want this to happen in this country? "There are some people who literally say they want to see an Arab Spring in Malaysia. They prefer to ignore stability, peace and overthrow the leaders.

"Therefore, we need to settle down and understand what democracy is and tell them to trust the government," he added.

Touching on education, Dr Mahathir suggested that having a national school under one roof for all races, can keep Malaysia peaceful, united and will help build a better future for its citizens.

"The problem we face today is that we do not come together, and barely speak or use the national language. We should use it more (national language).

"We should have less segregation in schools for example, and make it compulsory to use and learn the national language," he said.

"Going to the same school increases the chances of togetherness. I'm the product of this kind of school," he said.

On learning the national language, Dr Mahathir was curious as some foreign diplomats who worked in other countries like Indonesia could master the language of that particular country, but not in Malaysia.

He said it was because Malaysians themselves communicated in English and not in their national language, and thus forgetting that language was one of the factors that unifies society.
- Bernama, June 19, 2013.

Since the Gomen is adamant  to keep the vernacular schools so be it, these schools will be breeding grounds of present and next haters of the BN Gomen. In PRU12 and 13 the MCA, Gerakan and MIC has been virtually wiped out of the political map by these haters, just surviving on scraps of the Malay votes that UMNO gave for life support. The vernacular schools will be the death of BN.

I am really interested to have the National SJK schools be augmented by reviving the Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik Dalam Bahasa Inggeris (PPSMI) (the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in English).

"According to the statement regarding PPSMI in the Ministry of Education's website:[2]
The rationale for the decision to change the medium of instruction from the Malay Language to English for the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics subjects was made based on the government’s concern on the nation’s human capital development towards achieving the standard of a developed country, as well as an early preparation to compete in the era of globalization.
It is widely known that the field of science and mathematics form the basis and have a crucial role in the progress and development of a country. Various innovations and discoveries in these two fields happen rapidly and information access is mostly in the English language.
English language is also the language spoken internationally and mastery in this language would allow easy access to information in these fields.
In conclusion, the policy decision to implement PPSMI was made to ensure students’ mastery in science and mathematics in view of the fact that most of the sources are available in the English language. Indirectly, it is also hoped that the implementation of PPSMI would contribute to the enhancing of students’ command of the language.
When proposing the policy, Tun Dr. Mahathir was in the opinion that Malaysia's progress is declining in the age of globalization, and he had hoped that this policy gives a competitive edge to the nation, following the footsteps of Singapore and India which are moving forward because of their utilization of the English language."

With the National schools strengthened by PPSMI, and our National Language BM used to learn Sejarah, Perlembagaan, Geografi etc.  our SJKs will be more attractive to ALL Malaysian parents, lets face it ALL parents Malays,Chinese, Indian, Dayaks etc will want the best in their children education. The vernacular schools will become a remnant of our English colonial past if the SJKs can provide great and quality education for our young. The best Bonus is we would finally have our young mix together from young in an atmosphere free of distrusts of each other.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Syabas Nazir, its not everyday a Malay get praised by chauvinist DAP Lim

Nazir son of Razak, the guy who was born with a platinum spoon as far as us Malays are concerned has struck again with his support of the despicable Air Asia X CEO Azran against the Utusan.

Must hand it to Nazir, though, its not often that a Malay gets real  praise from a genuine Chinese Chauvinist Lim Guan Eng himself:

Guan Eng: More Malaysians should be like Nazir

But I got news for you Lim and DAP, not many Malays are ungrateful kacang lupakan kulit ignoramuses like Nazir and Azran. 

Here is a broadside delivered to the likes of Nazir and Azran by blogger Zam:

They are what they are simply because it is the choice they have made. They decide to be neoliberalis-eltitis-tolerant-apologetic-pseudo-Malays. They are no longer Malays in the true sense of the words simply because such is reflected in their ways and their way of life i.e. pretentious all the way! Fakers!- BOB
Bravo to ur article in Utusan today on Nazir and Azran! Nazir must remember where he is now indirectly because his brother is the PM and UMNO! How could he openly support Azran. Shame on him. Least he could do is to remain silence just like Tan Sri Rafidah- RAHIM

Read the rest of the stinger here.

PM and UMNO President Najib Razak have had enough of being back back stabbed since the PRU13, I am sure he could do without another one from his own kin.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Tun Dr. Mahathir - Racial Polarisation


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on June 06, 2013

1. After Parliament was dissolved on the 13th April 2013, I was interviewed by a BBC journalist. He appeared quite convinced that race-based parties such as those in the National Front would be rejected by a more liberal electorate which believes in democracy, freedom and non-racial politics. Also the idealistic young would reject the BN.

2. I had to disagree with him as I believed that racial polarization in Malaysia had become more pronounced now than ever before. I may not always be right but after 60 years involvement in Malaysian politics I felt strongly that the race factor will continue to dominate the politics of the country.  The quality of the candidates or parties, the ideologies and the desire for change will always be secondary to race.

3. The election results showed that I was right. The DAP playing on racial sentiments drew the Chinese away from BN by depicting the MCA as lackeys of UMNO. The DAP won 38 seats, reducing the MCA’s seats from 15 to 7. The Gerakan won one seat out of two. All the DAP Chinese contested in Chinese majority constituencies.  A few of the MCA, Gerakan and MIC candidates contested in Malay majority constituencies.

4. Although the DAP claims to be multiracial, it is in fact a Chinese party with mainly Chinese members and leadership. When it held elections to its Central Committee recently other than Karpal Singh all the members elected were Chinese.

5. Hatred of the Malays was whipped up through the slogan “Malaysian Malaysia”, implying that Malaysia is for the Malays only while other races were discriminated against and alleged to be second class citizens.  Advocating meritocracy, the extremists Chinese in the DAP charged the BN Government  of discriminating in favour of the Malays even though they were inferior and less qualified for places in the universities, awards of scholarships, contracts, licences and positions in the Government.  The Malay leaders were not as able as the non-Malay leaders who possess greater merit.

6. Whenever Government policies such as the NEP were defended, the defenders whether in the Government or NGO’s are labelled racist.  The Malay parties in the election pact in Pakatan were tolerated because they were useful for election purposes.

7. If more proof is needed of the role of Chinese racism in the 13th GE, the demonstrations accusing the BN of fraud and cheating in the elections, despite being organised by Anwar and the PKR, are largely attended by Chinese, especially the young. Within the Country and abroad, Chinese youths wearing black shirts and masks made up most of the demonstrators. Usually Malays make up the majority of the demonstrators.  The lack of respect for the national flag was shown by Chinese young people in Taiwan holding it upside down. Although DAP and PKR participated in these demos, PAS members were noticeably absent. In fact PAS leaders dissociated themselves from the agitation to overthrow the Government through street demos ala Arab Spring. The protests seem to be mainly a Chinese affair.

8. The indisputable fact is that the DAP has succeeded in destroying the collaboration or sharing between the different races as exemplified by the BN coalition. The Pakatan is not a true coalition. It is simply an election pact between the parties opposed to the BN. This pact clearly benefited the chauvinist Chinese in DAP most, while PAS the most Malay of the Pakatan parties benefited the least, winning only 21 seats against DAP’s 38 and PKR’s 30.  Actually although PAS contested in more constituencies than DAP, it lost two seats more than in 2008.

9. If today the schism between the races is deeper it is because the DAP reject the Malay/Chinese/Indian “kongsi”. The DAP wants the Chinese who already dominate the economy, to dominate Malaysia’s politics as well. It is clearly racist and reject inter-racial sharing of power and wealth as advocated by the BN. Racial polarization has become more pronounced as a result.  It will become more so in the future.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Racial Polarisation: Its about lack of or non existent early bonding during childhood

I think the reason why we are so racially polarised now has been brought up so many times that I have forgotten how many times it has been brought up..while many still deny it or do not want to talk about it to 'jaga hati kawan', have their own selfish reasons or just plain don't care, I will say it again and again and again.....the vernacular schools are preventing our young to grow, play, and study together, in fact vernacular schools encourage volunteer segregation..... our young will grow up not knowing each other insulated in their own little world only to come out as adults in the real world and cyberspace as racists who thinks their race is supreme and they alone made Malaysia a great place to live in which is absolute rubbish. 

We cannot make up for lost time in the past caused by the vernacular school system but we can change the future by introducing a One School For All System/Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua where Bahasa Melayu is the main language, Maths and Science is thought in English (the superb PPSMI should be restored) and compulsory classes for non-Malay languages be taught for all. 

The BN Cabinet should do well to remember not to appease the extremists Dong Zong any longer, appointing Ministers and Deputy Ministers who cannot speak Mandarin is a step in the right direction so that all official Government communication shall be in Malay or sometimes English, yup these extremists did not vote for BN, they voted for the DAP, they backed the wrong horse, we the majority of Malays/Bumis voted BN into the Federal Gomen therefore our opinion counts.  The perceived policy  to appease the people who did not vote for BN must stop. If UMNO/BN do not understand this simple truth, come GE14, UMNO/BN would have their goose cooked. 

Another good post which argues for a 1 School For All System:

It’s about the lack of early bonding

Monday, 3 June 2013

PRU13: SPR supervised best PRU in Malaysia's history and get rewarded by being asked to report to Parliament?

Despite what the Pakatan Opposition politician had speculated and alleged of the PRU13 about non existent blackouts and non existent foreign nationals voting, not a single documented evidence was revealed by Anwar and his power hungry gang to prove fraud...I guess they would create trouble for this country as long as Anwar is not made Prime Minister. 

I firmly believed that the SPR had done a wonderful job to ensure a free and fair election in the last PRU13 and the PRUs before that. All our elections since our Merdeka had been relatively peaceful and I would dare say ours is among the top 10 peaceful free and fair election in the world. In fact I think PRU13 was one of the best managed election in this blessed country's history. Why I said that? Everybody in the country accepted the result by swearing in their various State Governments and the Federal Government within one month of the PRU13 results. Everybody of course except Anwar who is still in denial that he does not have the numbers(seats) in Parliament to form the Federal Gomen.

In the Parliamentary elections, the BN parties won the most number of seats (133 seats) and proceeded to form the Federal Gomen with the loose coalition of (DAP,PKR,PAS) winning 89 seats becoming the Opposition. Despite what the Pakatan folks or the doom sayer says about election fraud, popular votes won, gerrymandering or even the Chinese Tsunami...the BN won fair and square having obtained more seats in Parliament than the combined PR, the BN still managed to win the PRU13 because of one factor and one factor only and that is the majority Malays/Bumis voted overwhelmingly for BN. 

If the PR folks wants to win the Federal Gomen they will have to convince the majority of the Malays/Bumis to vote for them, do not blame the SPR, gerrymandering or whatever..the simple truth is that the majority of the Malays/Bumis do not support PR. UMNO/BN had done a great job of portraying the PR as a DAP Chauvinist Chinese dominated coalition to be feared by the Malays/Bumis. If PR can get their act together and get rid of heavy baggages like jailed for abuse of power leaders like Anwar and the Chinese chauvinists Lims in DAP, NO amount of gerrymandering or election fraud could save the BN next PRU14 if the majority of the Malays/Bumis suddenly decide to vote for the other side.

This comes back to the dumb idea that the SPR would report to Parliament (via a PSC), what ever for? Why should an independent commission appointed by the DYMM Agung which has proven itself to be fair and are of the highest integrity  be answerable to Parliament? I just do not understand the logic of such decision by the Najib Cabinet. And so soon after the PSC announcement, the Pakatan had started their attacks which I see would have no end and will be made an election issue in the next PRU14:

I think someone high up should really tell PM Najib that BN won the PRU13 fair and square under the first past the post election system. PM Najib continued perceived policy of appeasement of the PR folks such as the termination of the wonderful PPSMI, the repeal of the ISA and EO, the SPR reporting to PSC etc which are myopic decisions would one day spell the death kneel of the BN  in the near future.

(BN Components parties such as MCA, Gerakan and MIC sudah nyawa ikan)